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Geelong District Veteran Golfers Association Inc
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Membership of the GDVGA is open to playing members aged 55 years and above, of golf cubs within the Geelong District. For full membership details please see the Administration TAB.

Anglesea results: Apologies for the change in results, I forgot to update handicaps before submitting to Golflink and some players were incorrectly graded. (Greg Bennett 17/5)

A Grade B Grade C Grade
G. Holland 40 Pts P. Caust 44 Pts P. McLean 37 Pts C/Back
G. Beurteaux 37 Pts T. Stroomer  35 Pts C/Back T. Freer 37 Pts
D. Goldsmith 36 Pts M. Cornelius 35 Pts S. Cresswell 36 Pts C/Back

Ball comp 33 Pts or better

NTP 3rd  S. Clark NTP 13th  K. Pottenger

For full results see results page under events.

Summary from the Committee Meeting on Friday April 1 2022


Nearest the pins are going to be reintroduced at our regular games.

A 3rd place voucher prize will be introduced for all grades at regular games.

The ball run prizes will continue. Approximately 25% of all players will receive this prize.


·        The VVGA has taken out an indemnity insurance coverage. The anticipated cost is around $1 per member.

·        Entry forms are available for the VVGA Country Championships (May 2 & 3).

Addition information can be found on the VVGA website (

We currently have 219 financial members. 

As summer heats up here is a reminder of the existing heat policy:

Regular Events When the forecast temperature on the day of a regular event is 34 degrees Celsius or higher a 9 hole competition will be played. The 9 hole event is scheduled to assist in meeting any catering obligations to host clubs.

Pennant Select Pennant tab, select Pennant Conditions. Point 2 under "Other" heading covers the rule. 

Membership for 2022 ($25) can be paid at the first 2022 event or the preferred method of payment is direct transfer into the GDVGA bank account BSB 633 000 A/C 109 978 007 with your name as reference. 

New members must pay a joining fee of $20 (in addition to the annual membership fee) and complete an application form. The form is available under the "Administration" tab.

Covid-19 Geelong Veterans Vaccination Policy

  1. Whilst clubs will have established rules using the Services Victoria app etc., there may be a need for us to collect, or store, member vaccination information.  We are currently storing information on our member data base. 
  2. As individual members we will each be expected to comply with whatever the access/entry requirements of the clubs we visit are. 
  3. In the weeks prior to an event, we will publish the requirements of the club we are about to visit.  This will be published on the GDVGA website, and noted on the timesheet.
  4. We strongly encourage you all, as members of the Geelong Veterans, to be ready to provide whatever proof is required by the club, that we are visiting.  It will not be our place to dispute any of the requirements of the clubs we visit.  
  5. If anyone is uncomfortable with what a particular club requires then the choice of whether to play or not is with the individual.

Committee Contacts:-
President Alan Maloney 0423 937 020
Secretary Ray Drady 0490 259 172
Captain Harvey Otter 0401 412 511
Treasurer Brian Shaw 0409 255 324
Vice Capt. Greg Bennett 0412 186 113
Ross Duff 0417 599 594
Ed Featherston 0437 535 688
Brian Hazell 0400 937 808
Noel Hill 0438 785 549
Denis Moore 0459 419 060
Ted Stroomer 0413 622 706